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3 month Membership - Fitness in Motion

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Functional fitness is simply training based on movement, as well as, training that compliments your goals!
This is the heart of it. Whether your training for a specific sport or just trying to improve your general fitness there needs to be a purpose behind your training. In its simplest form, functional training teaches trainees how to handle their own body weight and intentionally incorporates balance and body awareness into training. For some, this idea of purposeful training involves improving sports performance while for many others it simply means improving overall fitness and feeling better. We all have limitations or areas we wish we could improve on the key is to make a plan, set priorities and GET STARTED!
Fitness in Motion offers a comprehensive approach to fitness for the novice to the elite athlete. A 24-hour access fitness facility with an approach that is optimized for your own personal fitness goals. Join today to find out more!


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